Suppose you are developing a software. That software needs some sort of version control system. Here are couple of reasons for that - 

  1. For seperating your application into multilple parts, and working on them individually
  2. For implementing new ideas, new features temporarily and then adding them permanently in your application if it fits the purpose
  3. You need a safe place where you can save your application remotely, in case something bad happens in your home pc.
  4. Developing application simultaneously, along with a team.

All of the points above are must to follow. And there are some tools out there to help you out. Git is one of them. 

Git is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development.

You can check out (git website) for more detail.

Now there are couple of hosting services for git version control, like github, bitbucket, where you can store your application free and privately.

If you are not familiar with git, but you want to learn how to use it, here are couple of links that you can follow to learn it.


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-Junaed Siam

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