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Junior Web Designer

Application Deadline: Jun 30, 2020

Content Writer

Application Deadline: Jul 14, 2020

Jobs in Softbin

  • How can I apply SOFTBIN?

    Look into available job section. If there is any job available that meet your criteria, apply here with proper information, or alternatively send your email with your curriculum vita attached with it at jobs@softbin.com.bd

  • What kind of job SOFTBIN offers ?

    Softbin is a software development company. Any kind of skillset related to software development is required for joining SOFTBIN. Technologies are expanding day by day. Adopting with modern technologies is a necessary step towards the right direction. If you are a learner, keep learning untill you feel confident enough. If you dont know , which direction you should go , follow some training structures to get the idea. I would obviously recommend to join on of our Training programs. You can also message us for any kind of advice.

    If you are already a professional , just wait for our query.

    If you do not have any skills in software development , do not get disapointed. Often time we hire people in other criterias like digital marketting, accounting, HR dept. etc etc. Just keep an eye on the career page once in a week.

  • Is education background necessary for joining SOFTBIN ?

    Institutional Certificate is not mandatory for joining SOFTBIN. If you have proper knowledge and skillset , nothing really matters other than that.